On this page you will find the QMUL Library BUPT E-resource. Following the links and engaging with the presentations will introduce you to many resources which QMUL has to offer and also strengthen your research skills. Please do bookmark this resource as we will do updates to material if they change.

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Introduction to QMUL Library Services

Web searching and Databases

Downloadable files

Tips on how to write high-quality academic work

There are lots of help online on how to write high quality academic work. Here are some good links to material which QMUL staff has written:


Learning Development

Communication, Language and Study Guidance: http://learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk/CLSG

Quick Guides: Writing for Assessment. http://learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk/quickguides/assessedwriting

Quick Guides: Using Sources Effectively. http://learningdevelopment.qmul.ac.uk/quickguides/usingsources


Language Centre

Academic English Online: http://aeo.sllf.qmul.ac.uk/


More help with databases

ACM Digital Library: Search tools

IEEE Xplore: Resources and Help

SCOPUS: Tutorial, Help files

Web of Science: Recorded training


Links to Referencing Management Tools

Other Useful Links

Find it! Use it! Reference it!

For more information about how to find information and how to use and reference material go to the link below:

Find it! Use it! Reference it!