QMplus Groups and Portfolios is a fully featured electronic portfolio system with social networking features to create online learning communities. It is made available as part of the QMplus learning environment for staff and students at Queen Mary, University of London.

For more information about how you can use QMplus Groups and Portfolios to help you with your learning and networking  you can access the Help area of QMplus.

Support Groupwork

Students and staff can easily set up private or public groups within QMplus Hub.

Collate Evidence

Use portfolio pages to collate evidence of your learning and personal development.

Showcase Achievements

Curate a collection of digital objects that showcase your academic journey.

Promote Yourself

Simply and quickly publish media-rich portfolio pages and share them with others.

Reflect on your learning

QMplus Hub provides a way to nurture a continuous process of reflective learning.

User Guide

QMplus Hub is based on open source software called 'Mahara', find out more.