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Despite the fact that Canary Wharf was built in the recent past,it has managed gaining great publicity among the public and the media.It is also the most popular place to be discussed,as it is known as one of the richest areas of London.
The working population in the area rose from 13,400 to 90,000 in the period of just 10 years.
The interesting fact is that Canary Wharf place was named because that it was used for unloading fruit boxes,transported from the Canary Islands.
The tallest building called the Canary Wharf Tower which stands at 244 meters high and was built in 1991 and became the tallest building in Europe until the completion of the Messeturm in Germany the same year.
Each building in this area has its' own history,no matter that they all look brandy-new.Canary Wharf is already dubbed Manhattan on Thames and it continues to develop from day to day.