A Short Trip To Spitalfields

Through this webpage not only I wouldd like to describe the basic information about Spitalfields Market, but also some problems that I have recognised of the market.

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About 10 minutes walk from Liverpool St. station, there it is, London's oldest market, Spitalfields. Spitalfields Traders Market and shops, open everday, offer the latest fashion and interiors, original artworks and as well as food. There has up to 110 stalls, which range from comtemporary and vintage fashion , music , bespoke children's toys, jewellery and accessories and home interios, on its busiest days. Plus Old Stipalfields Market at right next door, the market is also surrounded by a number of independent boutiques, food shops and restaurants.


There ,however, is a problem that may lay on this market, which is the number of people in there. As can be clearly seen from a picture below, there are not as many visitors as expected during weekdays.

There are some reasons can be taken into account for this problem. Firstly, the items of the shops. What they sell is really traditional items from all over the world and the varieties are amazing, but it may be seen as out of fashion. The next for this is the prices. Although there are some cheap shops, but the prices are relatively expecsive. For me, I am not going to buy anything unless I am crazy about the items. Moreover, the market is not familiar with the people from outside of London of the UK.

What they can do is to be working on promotion, such as making advertisements and brochures, so that more people can have chace to know about this market. In addition, lower the prices so that more people would like to think about buy the items.

Local people really should keep thinking about making the codition picture above last as many days as they can during weekdays.



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