Reading & Writing group 7

outline of Unistats



Unistats is the official site that allows you to search for and compare data and information on university and college courses from across the UK. The site draws together comparable information on those areas that students have identified as important in making decisions about what and where to study. The items that students thought were most useful have been included in a Key Information Set (KIS), which can be found on the Overview tab for each course.

             The site draws on the following official data on higher education courses :




Question 1

What is distinctive about Unistats?

It's an official website for comparing UK higher education course data.

Includes official data for undergraduate courses on each university and college's.

There also have a course assistant to solve questions for students.

 We can search university by subjects and make a comparison.


Question 2

Q:WHY is an authoritative database like this required?

A: The National Student Survey (NSS) is an annual survey which gives university and college students the chance to have their say about what they liked and did not like about their student learning experience during their time in higher education. The majority of students who complete the survey are in their final year. In the survey, statements are put to students who then rate their university/college and the course they took against these, answering on a five-point scale from 'definitely disagree' to 'definitely agree'. 


Question 3

What is the KIS (Key Information Set)?

The Key Information Sets (KIS) provide comparable sets of information about full or part-time undergraduate course. They contain the items of information that prospective students have identified as most important to inform their decisions.

The information is published on Unistats.All institutions also make this information available via a small snippet of content or ‘widget’ through the course pages on their web-sites.

This is the first time this kind of data has been brought together in this way, providing information to students in a format that is useful to them, in the places they want to find it.


Question 4

How it helps to make choices?

Firstly, search for the major or school that you are interested in and 

there will be many subjects for you to choose in order to add it to your list.

After adding different courses to your unistats shortlist, 

you are allowed to take a view of comparison of the courses

the statistics demonstrate the satisfaction of each courses by research on previous students.

The data of satisfaction may help you to make a chioce.