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Support Groupwork

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Group at work courtesy of Karabo on Wikimedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0


Students and staff at Queen Mary can easily set up private or public groups within QMplus Hub. A QMplus Hub group has a configurable homepage and a number of tools available to group participants including forums, webpages, blogs and a shared files area. Groups can also be a useful way to share page templates and run class projects.

Reasons why you might set-up a group on QMplus Hub:

  • to share files and documents in group tasks easily
  • keep all group work and university work on one platform
  • keep track of group tasks evidencing the input of all group members
  • create or join common interest groups
  • create a page for your club or society
  • to allow students to share work from their own portfolio with their tutor;
  • to enable students to collaborate on a specific project who might only want to share information amongst themselves rather than the whole class
  • to develop, maintain or grow a community within your school, faculty or across QMUL e.g. Cycling or Learning technologies
  • to share a page template created for an assessment with a group of students.


Getting started with groups - User guides

For students & Staff


Examples in use at Queen Mary

School of School of Languages, Linguistics and Film (SLLF) Year Abroad Community 

To get an idea of what the groups feature looks like, follow the link and join the group below.