Support Groupwork

Support Groupwork

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Group at work courtesy of Karabo on Wikimedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0


Students and staff at Queen Mary can easily set up private or public groups within QMplus Hub. A QMplus Hub group has a configurable homepage and a number of tools available to group participants including forums, webpages, blogs and a shared files area. Groups can also be a useful way to share page templates and run class projects.

Reasons why you might set-up a group on QMplus Hub:

  • to allow students to share work from their own portfolio with their tutor;
  • to enable students to collaborate on a specific project who might only want to share information amongst themselves rather than the whole class.
  • to develop, maintain or grow a community within your school, faculty or across QMUL e.g. Cycling or Learning technologies
  • to share a page template created for an assessment with a group of students.

Getting started with groups - User guides

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