Collate Evidence

Queen Mary Geography Students explore Glacier dynamics in New Zealand


You can use QMplus Hub portfolio pages to collate evidence of your learning and personal development while you are at Queen Mary. The pages you create can be shared with your friends on the Hub, your tutors, other QMUL colleagues or the general public (e.g. Employers). Examples of why you might want to do this:

  • To collect all the elements of an assignment to be submitted to QMplus
  • To provide evidence of learning for accreditation by a professional body
  • For personal reasons to document your learning journey
  • To document a work placement, field trip or lab work
  • To provide a personally curated view of your work at Queen Mary to complement a job application

Getting started

To begin with you will need to start creating content for your portfolio page(s) by:

  • uploading your images, documents etc to the file storage area in QMplus Hub.
  • starting a journal and posting updates to it regularly.
  • Linking to work you have created and stored on external websites e.g. google docs, Issuu, YouTube etc

Here are some user guides to get you started:

When you have got some content in QMplus Hub you can then present it on webpages within your portfolio to different audiences. Here is another guide to get you started:


Examples in use at Queen Mary

Students on the Level 3 International Foundation programme created a page in QMplus Hub documenting their trip to :

Bricklane in East London

Shoreditch in East London

Canary Wharf


 Staff may be interested in reading a case study about this work by Will Hutton from SLLF