Reflect on your Learning

Reflect on your learning

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QMplus Hub can provide a way for students and staff to nurture a continuous process of reflective learning. You can keep a journal or blog with regular reflections on aspects of your learning and/or ways in which you might improve or make changes in future. Journals can be shared with tutors or friends, even the general public  - by placing them onto portfolio pages.

  • Why have you chosen to display certain artefacts in your portfolio?
  • What lessons did you learn both positive and negative from a particular teaching/learning  experience?
  • How might you develop yourself as a student or staff member in the future based on your experiences?

Getting Started

We've got a selection of guides to help get you started with reflecting on your learning:

  • Create journals to reflect on what you have learned 
  • Create action plans to develop your professional development
  • Link your action plans to specific learning goals using tags

Examples in use at Queen Mary

Reflecting on skills

Creating action plans to develop personal and professional development

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