Promote Yourself

The Green Mary Group in the CAPD uses a QMplus Hub group to promote the work they do to the unit.


QMplus Hub is a tool that can assist you in promoting yourself. You can simply and quickly publish media-rich portfolio pages then share them with the college or the world. Because QMplus Hub pages have the QMUL logo on them they can add additional kudos to your work. In addition the pages are easy to keep updated. Your pages can also be linked to from other web spaces or social media  you may use.

Some examples of promoting yourself might include:

  • Linking to a QMplus Hub page from your staff or research student profile to provide more information about you
  • Creating a Group to support your research and co-creating pages within that group promoting your work
  • Designing a multi-media rich showcase of your PhD research 
  • Promoting your specialism within your discipline when looking for new reaserach students
  • Promoting your college project to an internal or external audience

Getting started

  • Create or upload your CV on to QMplus Hub
  • Link your portfolio on job applications - stand out from the crowd!
  • Embed and share videos of your achievements - nailed that class presentation? Let the world know!
  • Created an amazing poster? Put it on QMplus Hub!


Examples in use at Queen Mary

Dr Francis Wright - a lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences uses a QMplus Hub Page as a professional profile page.

Gill Ritchie in the E-learning Unit uses her profile page to display her ongoing projects

Create your own blog on your hobbies and interests, or as an outlet to voice your opinion on a matter important to you e.g. university blog